Vehicle technology

Title: CAV Safety Hub

Organisation: RoadSafe, TRL & Road Safety Foundation
Date uploaded: 13th March 2019
Date published/launched: February 2019

The CAV Safety Hub has been launched to help road safety practitioners increase their understanding of autonomous vehicles and other emerging technologies.

Building on the knowledge available through the work of the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, the CAV Safety Hub has been set up to provide ‘valuable insights’ into how connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) operate and how they interact with other road users.

The project is a collaboration between partners including RoadSafe, TRL and the Road Safety Foundation – who say that while practitioners are aware of the future development of CAVs, there is a poor level of understanding of their likely contribution to improved safety.

The CAV Safety Hub aims to improve understanding of the effectiveness of advanced safety technologies – while removing myths and providing clear information through an interactive programme of awareness.

The project website provides information on policy and regulation, infrastructure and the potential benefits of CAVs – as well as the latest news and events relating to autonomous vehicles.

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