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Title: Euro NCAP's Best in Class Cars of 2017

Organisation: Euro NCAP
Date uploaded: 25th January 2018
Date published/launched: January 2018

Euro NCAP says 2017 was an encouraging year for new car safety, with ‘greater and greater’ levels of life-saving technology featuring in new models.

Euro NCAP’s five-star safety rating system is designed to help consumers compare vehicles and identify the safest choice for their needs. The system is based on a series of tests which represent accident scenarios that could result in injury or death for car occupants and other road users.

Reflecting on its ‘busiest-ever year’, Euro NCAP says nearly 70 models were assessed during 2017 – with most new cars achieving the maximum five-star rating.

However, the ratings of facelifted models were generally poorer than those of newer cars, reflecting a lack of advanced restraint systems and driver-assistance technologies.

Looking at car manufacturers, Volkswagen emerges with winning models in three categories.

The Polo was named the safest car in the supermini class, T Roc in the small off-road category and the Arteon in the executive class. 2017’s best overall performer was also a Volkswagen – the large off-road XC60.

For 2018, a number of new technologies will feature in Euro NCAP testing, including: lane assist systems to control steering if there are potential risks; tests to reduce crashes at junctions; pedestrian AEB that works at night time; and new AEB cyclist detection tests.

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