Vehicle technology

Title: Road Map 2025: in pursuit of vision zero

Organisation: Euro NCAP
Date uploaded: 28th September 2017
Date published/launched: September 2017

Euro NCAP has launched Road Map 2025, setting out a timeline for the introduction of new automated driving technologies.

The report outlines - for the first time - the priorities for the mobility and technological revolution the auto industry is just beginning to experience.

Road Map 2025ís objective is to offer clarity and confidence to motoring consumers, highlighting the benefits of new automated driving technologies, while also helping to ensure their safety potential is fully realised.

In the report, Euro NCAP challenges vehicle manufacturers to offer the best possible technology as standard, protecting not only car occupants of all ages but also the safety of other more vulnerable road users.

The Road Map outlines a timeline for the introduction of new primary safety technologies, including: driver monitoring (2020), automatic emergency steering (2020, 2022), autonomous emergency braking (2020, 2022), Vehicle to Vehicle Data Exchange and Vehicle to Infrastructure (2024)

Secondary safety features, such as whiplash/rear-end crash protection (2020) and pedestrian and cyclist safety (2022) are also included.

Finally, in the areas of truck city safety, powered two-wheelers and cyber-security, the roadmap outlines projects with which Euro NCAP may be associated whilst not necessarily taking the lead role.

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