Title: See & Scoot - hazard perception training resource for mobility scooter users

Date uploaded: 19th March 2019
Date published/launched: March 2019

Transport Research in Psychology Group, Nottingham Trent University

It is estimated that there are around 350k mobility scooters in the UK, and training for new users is highly variable and not mandatory. Most training focuses on vehicle handling. No research has systematically looked at the hazards users face and what strategies can be used to negotiate these.

Over the last two years this project team has conducted various studies including a large scale questionnaire, interviews and filming users drive round a city centre. All this research has informed a new hazard perception training resource – See & Scoot – which is available for free on the link below.

The training is unique because it is evidence based, filmed from the users’ perspective - giving potential new users a much better impression of what it feels like to be a scooter user, and uses live (not staged) footage.

The training is 20 minutes and free to use, and the project team is in the process of a study to assess its impact on new users.

If you would like more details of the project, which was funded by the Road Safety Trust, please contact the project lead, Duncan Guest, using the email address below.

For more information contact:
Duncan Guest, Project Lead

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