Title: Behavioural Change (one day training course)

Organisation: Road Safety GB Academy
Date uploaded: 28th May 2015
Date published/launched: March 2015

Many road safety interventions are based around improving road user skills. However, there are other factors that must be considered such as social context, personality, and journey related issues that cause road users to fail to cope with their environment.

What and how we teach in road safety is extremely important if we are to ensure we do not create unintended consequences with our road using public. This course explores how we as human beings create our own realities based on our experiences, how we make decisions, how we interpret messages, how we need to deal with conflicting multiple attitudes, how we are often in conflict with our own beliefs, and how we are influenced by many other factors.

The course is designed to give road safety practitioners an insight into the world of behavioural change models and techniques, and how interventions can be developed that will look at the underlying issues associated with risk related behaviour, and ultimately collisions.

The course is assessment based and will soon be accredited by City and Guilds.

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