Title: Wirral Road Safety Plan

Organisation: Wirral Council
Date uploaded: 15th August 2018
Date published/launched: July 2018

Wirral Council's road safety plan outlines a combination of education, enforcement and investment which will be used to reduce the number of deaths on the area’s roads.

Launched on 31 July 2018, the plan aims to ‘benefit all age and road user groups as they travel around the borough’.

Specifically, the plan outlines targeted campaigns which focus on protecting motorcyclists, cyclists and senior road users with the ethos ‘Shared Roads, Shared Responsibility’.

On motorcycling, the plan reveals how Wirral Council will continue to work in close collaboration with local retailers to encourage a wide range of rider training, use of protective equipment and clothing and to promote anti-theft programmes for

On cycling, it outlines how the council will continue to develop engineering, education and enforcement measures that assist vulnerable road users, including cyclists.

Other priorities include: enhanced partnerships, speed management, car drivers, children and young people, pedestrians and engineering solutions.

The plan concludes: "Road safety affects everyone in Wirral – we all use the roads to travel as part of going about our daily business.

"We will continue to strive to become the safest community in the UK; however we cannot achieve our vision without support from others, including our partners (existing and new). Most notably, we cannot achieve our vision without the help and co-operation of all those who use the road network."

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