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Title: The rise and rise of e-bikes (briefing)

Organisation: Travelwest
Date uploaded: 2nd January 2018
Date published/launched: November 2017

Top line
E-bike use has grown dramatically over the past decade and there is little evidence to suggest this growth will slow in the coming decade, as market penetration is low across much of Europe.

The research to date on the impact of e-bikes on cycling and car use suggests that e-bikes facilitate more frequent cycling, and trips of greater distance. In North America and Australia and some Chinese studies, e-bikes appear to be used as a replacement for some car trips, although little data exist to understand the precise magnitude of this effect.

Government agencies have generally not yet integrated e-bikes as a travel mode option as part of travel surveys, hospital admissions, and police crash databases. As e-bike use continues to grow, it will become more important to offer ‘e-bike’ as an option on standardised forms related to transport, providing much-needed data on the level of e-bike use at the population level. This will help address the low sample size associated with many of the current e-bike studies.

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