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Title: Using Behaviour Change Techniques: Guidance for the road safety community

Organisation: RAC Foundation
Date uploaded: 9th May 2017
Date published/launched: April 2017

This publication, authored by Dr Fiona Fylan from Brainbox Research on behalf of the RAC Foundation, provides guidance for the road safety community on the use of behaviour change techniques in road safety interventions.

Dr Fylan is a health psychologist who specialises in designing, conducting and applying psychological research to understand and explore road users’ experiences and behaviours. She works with road safety stakeholder organisations to help them gain insight into the way people behave and develop and evaluate interventions to change behaviour.

The new guide outlines 10 steps for road safety practitioners when developing an intervention – from defining the problem to evaluating. It goes on to outline the most effective behaviour change techniques, from a total of 93, and gives examples of how they can be used.

Dr Fylan says the guide “builds on what others have found out, provides inspiration, saves time and adds credibility to interventions”.

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