Title: Street Spirit (campaign)

Organisation: Safer Essex Roads Partnership
Date uploaded: 25th September 2018
Date published/launched: September 2018

The Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) has launched this new campaign to improve the safety of young powered two wheel riders in the county.

The Street Spirit campaign invites young powered two wheeler riders to enhance their knowledge on safe riding by watching five short videos and completing a quiz.

The videos focus on five areas: getting on the road, protection, road skills, maintenance and road safety information/research.

Completing the quiz automatically enters the rider into the competition, giving them the chance to win one of two brand new bikes, with full protective kit and a year’s insurance.

The purpose of the campaign is to enhance SERP’s level of engagement and education with young, new and prospective moped and scooter riders.

The campaign seeks to raise awareness of the risks and consequences associated with riding a scooter or moped - as well as highlighting the benefits of wearing appropriate protective kit.

The campaign also aims to encourage a safer, more responsible approach to riding, road use and personal safety - and encourage further training for those riders who go on to pass their full motorcycle tests.

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