Title: Prepare for the unexpected (rural roads campaign - Scotland)

Organisation: Road Safety Scotland
Date uploaded: 31st July 2018
Date published/launched: May 2018

This ‘immersive’ awareness campaign was launched to encourage young drivers to slow down and give themselves time to anticipate hazards on country roads.

The campaign uses two ‘powerful high-tech’ films with the strapline: ‘Prepare for the unexpected. Slow down on country roads’.

The campaign is running throughout summer 2018, predominantly on digital channels, supported by radio and petrol station advertising.

More than half of all fatalities on Scotland’s roads occur on country roads. In 2016, 789 people were killed or seriously injured on country roads – and two thirds of them were men.

Figures also show that half of all drivers killed or seriously injured on country roads are aged between 22-49 years.

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