Title: THINK! drink drive campaign (March 2018)

Organisation: Department for Transport
Date uploaded: 21st March 2018
Date published/launched: March 2018

This campaign - ‘A mate doesn’t let a mate drink drive’ - targets young men aged 17-34 years.

The campaign taps into the ‘bromance trend’ among young men, leveraging these relationships to encourage friends to intervene when a mate might be tempted to drink drive.

The campaign content is built on the premise of helping young men to tell their mate in a ‘fun, non-preachy’ way that drink driving isn’t cool, after research showed that many feel a sense of awkwardness in speaking out in these circumstances.

The campaign audio advert, Mates Matter, ran across a selection of radio stations in England and Wales and on Spotify.

Social media content includes a film which recreates the famous scene from the film Ghost, in a pub where a mate embraces his drink-driving friend and sings Unchained Melody before taking his pint away.

The campaign was launched on 9 March and ran until 31 March 2018.

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