Title: SM-ALR Monitoring: M25 Twelve Month Evaluation Reports (two reports)

Organisation: Highways England
Date uploaded: 18th February 2016
Date published/launched: January 2016

Highways England has published two interim reports evaluating the all-lane running sections on the M25, J5 to 6 and J23 to 27.

For the J23 to J27 section, average journey times have reduced by 5% in the clockwise direction and 9% anticlockwise, while for the J5-6 section, average journey times have reduced by 3% in the clockwise direction and 2% anticlockwise.

These reductions come against a backdrop of increased traffic flow between the ‘before and after’ periods; 10% between J23 and J27 and 13% (clockwise) and 3% (anticlockwise) between J6 and J7.

With regard to safety, in both cases there has been a small but not statistically significant reduction in collision rate. This leads Highways England to conclude that while the reduction is not significant, the results provide an initial indication that safety has not worsened as a result of the scheme.

Monitoring of ‘Red X compliance’ (indicating a lane should not be used) revealed that an average of 7% of vehicles were non-compliant, a figure which the RAC says gives ”cause for concern”.

The reports also indicate driver awareness of the scheme and the term ‘Smart Motorways’ is split, with only 42% of all users being aware of the changes.

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