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Douglas Stewart Online
A remedy for accidents at bends
Kent County Council
Ashford's Shared Space Scheme
IAM RoadSmart
Barriers to change
Falkirk Council
Beyond Human Error
Collision Prevention & Reduction (2007)
Passive Safety UK
Guidelines for Specification and Use of Passively Safe Street Furniture on the UK Road Network
Institute of Highway Engineers
Home Zones / Shared Space website
R. Fuller (Department of Psychology, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland), J.A. Santos (Department of Psychology, University of Minho, Portugal)
Human Factors for Highway Engineers
Institute of Highway Engineers
IHE Motorcycling Guidelines
Rune Elvik, Institute of Transport Economics, Oslo
Laws of Accident Causation (Rune's rules)
Department for Transport
Mixed Priority Routes Road Safety Demonstration Project
PIARC Road Safety Manual
Portsmouth City Council
Portsmouth's 20mph Scheme