Title: 2018 Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance Survey

Organisation: Asphalt Industry Alliance
Date uploaded: 28th March 2018
Date published/launched: March 2018

Each year the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) commissions a survey of highways departments in all local authorities in England and Wales to build a picture of the general condition of local roads.

The 2018 survey estimates that 18% of England’s road network (excluding London) is in poor structural condition – meaning they have less than five years’ life remaining – compared to 23% in London and 17% in Wales.

These figures represent a year-on-year rise of 1% in England (excluding London) and 7% in London. However, the figure in Wales fell by 1% from the 2016/17 survey.

However, the 2018 survey also highlights a reduction in the estimated ‘one-time catch-up cost’ to get roads in England and Wales back into reasonable condition – from to £12.06bn in 2016/17 to £9.31bn this year.

The percentage of roads in good condition – meaning they have 15 years more life remaining – stands at 54% in England (up from 53%), 51% in London (up from 45%) and 55% in Wales (up from 51%)

The funding gap between what local highway teams received and what they actually needed to repair and maintain roads also narrowed last year – down from an average of £4.3m per authority to £3.3m.

However, this means that councils are £556m short of what is required to keep the network in ‘reasonable order’.

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