Title: Review of retesting and educational interventions for serious driving offenders

Organisation: DfT & TRL
Date uploaded: 21st September 2017
Date published/launched: August 2017

The aim of this report was to evaluate retesting for serious driving offenders. Under Section 36 of the Road Traffic Offenders Act, 1988, those convicted of a driving offence may be disqualified, and may be required to pass a practical driving test to regain their licence. This test is mandated as an extended driving test (EDT) for very serious offences. For less serious offences the extended test or the standard test can be ordered discretionally. Offenders are also required to take a theory test to regain their licence.

The EDT is assessed in the same way as the standard test, but lasts approximately 70 minutes, compared with 40 minutes for a standard test.

The current offences for which an EDT is mandatory are:
Motor manslaughter
Causing death by dangerous driving
Causing serious injury by dangerous driving (from 2012)
Dangerous driving
Causing death by careless driving under the influence of drink or drugs

The research aimed to investigate the use of EDTs in courts, and the number and characteristics of offenders who are ordered to take an EDT or standard test for different offences, together with other penalties and re-offending.

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