Title: Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2017 (final)

Organisation: Transport Scotland
Date uploaded: 13th November 2018
Date published/launched: October 2018

The total number of casualties fell to a record low in Scotland during 2017, and there were also sizeable year-on-year falls in the number of road deaths and serious injuries.

These final Transport Scotland statistics highlight a 14% fall in total casualties between 2016 and 2017 – from 10,905 to 9,428. The 2017 casualty figure is also 26% lower than 2012 (12,712) and 42% lower than 2007 (16,239).

The figures also show there were 146 road deaths in 2017 – down by 24% from 191 in 2016. The number of people seriously injured also fell by 6% to 1,589.

The statistics provide an update on progress against Scotland’s road safety targets – as set out in the Scottish Road Safety Framework. Compared to the 2004-2008 baseline, in 2017 there was:

• A 50% reduction in fatalities (the ultimate 2020 target is a 40% reduction)
• A 39% reduction in serious injuries (the ultimate 2020 target is a 55% reduction)
• A reduction of 61% in the number of children killed over a three-year period (the ultimate 2020 target is a 50% reduction)
• A reduction of 53% in the number of children seriously injured (the ultimate 2020 target is a 65% reduction)
• A 51% reduction in the slight casualty rate (the ultimate 2020 target is a 10% reduction)

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