PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland)

PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland)

The Police Service of Northern Ireland’s purpose is to make Northern Ireland safer for everyone through professional, progressive policing. We achieve this goal through policing with the community. This proactive, community-driven approach sees the police and local community working together to identify and solve problems.

Road Safety
Our initiatives to improve road safety include the following:

Workers In The Rear Of Vans
Most vans and goods vehicles are designed for the carriage of goods, not passengers, behind the driver. If you carry workers on improvised seats or unbelted in the back of a van, then you risk breaking more than the law. In a collision, unbelted passengers can be thrown around with such force that as well as killing themselves they could kill or seriously injure a belted driver or front seat passenger.

Collision Advice Booklet
The Police Service of Northern Ireland is committed to providing the best possible service to the public in relation to the investigation of road collisions. This booklet has been compiled as part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with the best service possible. It contains useful information about where to go for help and advice and provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

SURVIVE is a consortium of people, organisation and agencies dedicated to the promotion of driving safely. It is a partnership between the Highway Agency who are responsible for managing the motorway network, the Association of Chief Police Officers, breakdown/recovery industry, and other road service providers.

SURVIVE has been established to improve the safety of those who work on the road network and the travelling public. From vehicle breakdown and emergency advice to driving tips and general road safety, we aim to provide a comprehensive driver's resource. On this website (link below) you will find:

• SURVIVE membership details and activities being undertaken by the working groups
• How to drive safely in a wide range of driving conditions
• Advice on planning your journey and access to SURVIVE publications
• New guidance/publications produced by SURVIVE, new initiatives and forthcoming events

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