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Orkney Islands Council

The Scottish Government has set out the Road Safety Framework for improving road safety in Scotland over the next decade, Go Safe on Scotland’s Roads – It’s Everyone’s Responsibility. It describes the road safety vision for Scotland, aims and commitments, and the Scottish targets for reductions in road deaths and serious injuries to 2020.

Road Safety Plan: 2011-2015
The aim set out in the Road Safety Plan 2011-2015 is to reduce the number of road crashes and road casualties in Orkney. The plan also sets out five objectives:

• To increase the competence and road safety awareness of all road users.
• To prepare and carry out a programme of measures designed to promote road safety.
• To combat drink/drug driving, speeding, mobile phone and seatbelt non-compliance.
• To promote vehicle safety legislation.
• To further strengthen an inter-agency approach to achieve all objectives.

Education, Engineering, Enforcement, Encouragement and Evaluation will be used as a means to achieve these objectives.

An associated Road Safety Action Plan has been produced and will be reviewed on a regular basis by the Road Safety Forum to ensure that significant reductions are achieved and targets are met.

Orkney Islands Council Information

*Population size: 200,000-300,000
*Length of road: 1,500-2,000 km
*Authority type: Council
*KSI Baseline: 0-99

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Yvonne Scott
Community Safety Officer
School House
KW15 1NY

T: 01856 873535
E: yvonne.scott@orkney.gov.uk

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