Oldham MBC

Oldham MBC

The Council is responsible for introducing and maintaining physical road safety measures, and for making traffic orders (regulations like speed limits).

We aim to use our road safety measures to reduce:

Accident levels
The impact of commuter parking

And to improve:

Public transport routes
Accessibility for the disabled
Pedestrian safety, accessibility and convenience
Cycling routes
Environmental protection

Oldham MBC Information

*Population size: 200,000-300,000
*Length of road: 500-1,500 km
*Authority type: Partnerships
*KSI Baseline: 100-199

Oldham MBC Contacts

David Benning, section manager - casualty reduction
The Unity Partnership
Henshaw House

T: 0161 770 4381
E: david.benning@unitypartnership.com

Knowledge submitted

None at present.

External links

* www.unitypartnership.com