i2i Motorcycle Academy

i2i Motorcycle Academy

The i2i Motorcycle Academy has been working with council safety teams to help reduce injuries and deaths of riders on the roads of the uk.Our work involves helping riders improve their machine control and changing thier minds about Advanced training.

This is achieved by a better more attractive image, instant improvments to their skills when they attend our courses, and our ability to help design courses for particualr riders.

We dont want to re-invent the wheel, we want to use the training groups already out there, we are just a very good "hook" to get riders involved.

i2i Motorcycle Academy Contacts

Tom Killeen
1 york close
market weighton
yo43 3eg

T: 01430 330170
E: info@i2imca.com

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None at present.

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* www.i2imca.com