Title: Riding and Roadcraft (12th Edition)

Organisation: The British Horse Society
Date uploaded: 27th October 2010
Date published/launched: June 2009

A fully revised edition of the official BHS Riding and Roadcraft Manual.

Riders can help to improve their own safety by learning how to control their horses and ponies and how to ride safely on the road.

This publication is recommended reading for any student wishing to take the Riding and Road Safety Examination.

This essential textbook for the BHS Riding and Road Safety Test has been extensively revised and updated. All riders should read and follow the advice in this manual.

Chapters include Are you Ready for the Road?, the Highway Code and driving horse-drawn vehicles. First Aid techniques are also explained.

The 12th edition is full colour throughout and is concisely laid out with illustrations and diagrams, which will help provide riders with clear and simple guidance on how to handle the many different situations which will be presented to them and their horse on today's busy roads.

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