Title: Blue Light Aware (updated video)

Organisation: GEM Motoring Assist
Date uploaded: 15th September 2020
Date published/launched: September 2020

First published in 2011, the Blue Light Aware video advises motorists on how to help an emergency service driver on a ‘blue light run’

The video is based on advice given in the Highway Code which addresses specific situations identified as causing confusion for motorists - and provides examples of best practice in a number of the most common scenarios encountered.

The 2020 version also shows drivers how to form an ‘emergency corridor’ – where drivers in the outside lane move right and those in other lanes move left. This is designed to create enough space for emergency vehicles to make progress along the carriageway and provide assistance where it is needed.

The video is accompanied by a series of 10 short animations, which will be rolled out on social media in coming weeks.

Topics covered by the animations include smart motorways, traffic lights, where to stop, motorway breakdowns, double white lines and roundabouts.

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