Title: Key Principles for Traffic Safety and Mobility Education

Organisation: ETSC (European Transport Safety Council)
Date uploaded: 12th February 2020
Date published/launched: January 2020

This report by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), the Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge (VSV) and Fundación MAPFRE highlights 17 key principles for delivering effective road safety education in Europe.

The report describes education as an essential part of the Safe System approach to road safety, with European countries committed to providing traffic safety and mobility education, notably in schools at all levels. However, a previous report by the same authors showed that the provision of such education differs widely across Europe, with most countries not following through on their commitments.

This report sets out recommendations that should be implemented in all European countries, in order to ensure that everyone – and especially children and young people – receive high quality traffic safety and mobility education.

The 17 key principles are accompanied by best practice examples that illustrate how these principles can be applied in practice and are categorised in five key groups:

- Ensure the Right to Receive Traffic Safety and Mobility Education
- Engage and Support Schools
- Ensure High Quality Education
- Facilitate Framework Conditions
- Involve All Relevant Stakeholders

The key principles are primarily aimed at decision makers and authorities at national and local levels. However, they can also be implemented by, and prove useful to, other parties, such as schools and kindergartens and developers of educational materials.

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