Title: Evaluation of the 20mph Speed Limit Roll Out (in Edinburgh)

Organisation: City of Edinburgh Council
Date uploaded: 5th November 2019
Date published/launched: December 1999

This report presents an evaluation of the roll out of 20mph speed limits in Edinburgh. The evaluation examines changes to traffic speeds and volumes, public perceptions and behaviour, and air quality before and after the 20mph rollout. It also briefly considers initial indications in relation to changes in collisions and casualties.

Key findings
- There has been a statistically significant reduction in average speeds of 1.34mph across the 66 speed survey locations where the limit was reduced

- The highest reduction in average speed (-2.41mph) was for sites in rural west Edinburgh

- Findings reveal no evidence of displacement of traffic from 20mph streets to 30mph streets after implementation of the 20mph limit

- Support for 20mph is increasing but concerns remain regarding compliance

- Casualties have fallen substantially since implementation, but it is not yet possible to ascribe reductions to the 20mph limit as opposed to an overall falling trend.

The report also includes a strategy of further actions the Council may wish to
consider on streets where there may be continuing non-compliance with the new limits. Furthermore, it reviews a number of requests for streets to be added to the 20mph network and includes preliminary consideration of further pro-active expansion of the network.

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