Title: Key Statistics on Halloween Casualties

Organisation: North East Regional Road Safety Resource
Date uploaded: 30th October 2019
Date published/launched: October 2019

This statistical bulleting was prepared by the North East Regional Road Safety Resource, which is based at Gateshead Council and provides information and data analysis to support road safety education, training and publicity in the North East of England.

The bulletin looks at road casualties casualties associated with Halloween. While it is is specific to the North East, it has thrown out results which may be helpful for other road safety professionals planning any campaigns/social media etc. related to Halloween.

Key findings
- 26% of casualties on Halloween were pedestrians
- 55% of pedestrians injured on Halloween were under 17
- 63% of injured pedestrians under 17 were aged between 7 and 12
- Most casualties were injured after 16:00
- Most casualties were injured on unclassified roads away from a formal
crossing point

The bulletin concludes that, taking the evidence provided into account, children aged under 17 years would benefit from messages related to pedestrian road safety on Halloween. Focus could be given to safely crossing the road and not been distracted when crossing.

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