Title: Walking and Cycling Statistics (England): 2018

Organisation: Department for Transport
Date uploaded: 14th August 2019
Date published/launched: July 2019

These Government statistics show that the number of cycling trips has remained ‘flat’ over the past three years, while in contrast people have walked more often and further distances over the same period, following a period of decline.

Nearly all (97%) local authorities had at least 60% of their adult population walking at least once a week.

The statistics show that 61% of adults feel that it is too dangerous for them to cycle on the roads.

At 68%, women cyclists are more likely to feel in danger than their male counterparts (54%).

In terms of age, people aged 60-64 years are the most likely to feel endangered (67%) – with those aged 18-24 years the least (51%).

The DfT 2018 stats show that while the average number of miles cycled has generally increased over the past three years, the number of cycling trips has remained flat over the same period.

11% of adults cycled at least once per week but only a small number of local authorities (5%) had more than 20% of adults cycling at least once per week, with Cambridge and Oxford having the highest rates.

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