Title: Future of Mobility: Urban Strategy

Organisation: Department for Transport
Date uploaded: 4th April 2019
Date published/launched: March 2019

The Government is exploring regulations around new types of vehicles, including e-scooters and e-cargo bike trailers, as part of a review into urban mobility.

'The biggest review into transport in a generation’ is designed to pave the way for transforming the way people and goods move around UK cities.

Under current UK law, it is illegal to use a powered transporter – such as an e-scooter – on a public road or other prohibited space, including pavements and cycle lanes.

However, the DfT says it is ‘essential’ that people have the chance to make the most of small mobility devices in a way that is safe for both the users of these new vehicles and road users more generally.

The review will also explore how sharing data can improve services by reducing congestion, and how journey planning and payment can be simplified.

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