Vehicle technology

Title: Reducing Speeding in Europe (PIN Flash 36)

Organisation: ETSC (European Transport Safety Council)
Date uploaded: 7th March 2019
Date published/launched: February 2019

This report highlights in-vehicle technologies – most notably Intelligent Speed Assistance – as vital to reducing the ‘significant’ problem of speeding.

The report looks at the number of vehicles found to be driving above the speed limit on different road types across Europe.

On urban roads, where 37% of all EU road deaths occur, between 35% and 75% of ‘vehicle speed observations’ were higher than the legal speed.

On rural non-motorway roads, the figure stands between 9% and 63%, while on motorways, where 8% of all road deaths in the EU occur, it is between 23% and 59%.

The report says that reducing speeding will require a combination of measures – including higher levels of enforcement, improved infrastructure and credible speed limits.

However, it singles out Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) as the ‘key in-vehicle safety measure’.

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