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Title: Government response to Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS) safety review

Organisation: Department for Transport
Date uploaded: 5th December 2018
Date published/launched: December 1999

This DfT consultation response - described as a two-year road safety action plan - features 50 measures designed to protect vulnerable road users, combat road rage and increase levels of walking and cycling.

The action plan takes into consideration feedback from more than 14,000 people and organisations who responded to the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy safety review call for evidence.

Under the plan, councils will be given powers to tackle parking in cycle lanes, and encouraged to spend around 15% of their local transport infrastructure funding to boost walking and cycling.

In a further effort to increase levels of active travel, the DfT will appoint a new cycling and walking champion, to ensure new policies meet the needs of all road users.

The action plan will assess whether insurance companies could offer discounts to drivers and motorcyclists who have passed Bikeability training, and explore incentives for courier drivers who undergo training to learn how to drive safely alongside cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders.

The DfT will also set up a new back office unit so that police can analyse video evidence submitted by the public.

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