Title: Suicide Prevention Strategy

Organisation: Highways England
Date uploaded: 8th January 2018
Date published/launched: November 2017

This new strategy outlines Highways England's approach to reducing the number of people who attempt suicide on its roads.

The Suicide Prevention Strategy also highlights the role Highways England can play in supporting a wider community-based approach to suicide prevention.

The strategy is based on a number of key principles to help Highways England achieve its vision that no one attempts to take their life on its roads. These are:

Prevention: to reduce the number of people who reach a point in their lives where they wish to take their own life.

Crisis intervention: to intervene with those who do reach a crisis point to reduce the number of people who attempt suicide.

Postvention: to reduce the impact of a suicide or attempted suicide among the public, and addressing the trauma experienced by Highways England employees, its supply chain and any witnesses to the event.

Highways England says it will also engage with charities and local suicide prevention groups such as Samaritans, local authorities, other infrastructure operators including Network Rail, academics and the police.

To measure progress against the new strategy, Highways England will establish a Suicide Prevention Working Group which will produce an annual report which will include best practice examples.

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