Title: Distressed (motorcycle video)

Organisation: Highways England
Date uploaded: 21st November 2017
Date published/launched: November 2017

This tongue-in-cheek video highlights to young powered two wheeler riders the consequences of not wearing protective clothing.

The video cleverly explains to young riders why not wearing the right gear could ‘cost more than you think’.

The video centres around a spoof pop-up shop, called ‘Distressed’, which appears to feature a new range of trendy clothing for young scooter and motorcycle riders.

Once a customer has settled on an item, the shop assistant reveals the ‘cost’ of being involved in a collision while wearing it - for example ‘broken ribs, a punctured lung and three nights on life support’.

The shop assistant asks: “Do you think it’s worth that cost?”

The Distressed range - marketed as ‘inspired by young riders’ - turns out to be items worn by riders involved in collisions.

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