Title: Driver and rider testing and instructor statistics: April to June 2016

Organisation: DfT & DVSA
Date uploaded: 27th September 2016
Date published/launched: September 2016

This statistical bulletin shows that less than half of learner drivers passed their practical driving test at the first time of asking in 2015/16.

The figures show that 731,925 ‘first time’ tests were taken, with a pass rate of 47.5%.

In terms of gender, 50.9% of males passed the test first time round, compared to 44.1% of females.

Among those taking the test for a second time, pass rates improved slightly. 48.4% of the 377,535 tests were passed, broken down as 51.8% male and 45.3% female.

The figures also show that there were 80,522 drivers who took their practical driving test for the sixth time. Of those, 38.4% passed, meaning just short of 30,000 would be motorists accumulated their sixth test failure.

In terms of age, 1,268 people aged 61 years or more took their driving test for the first time, with a pass rate of 42%. In the same age group, 443 people underwent their test for the sixth time, with 18.1% (80) passing.

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