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Title: Uncertainty Ahead: Which Way Forward for Transport?

Organisation: CIHT
Date uploaded: 13th September 2016
Date published/launched: August 2016

This report looking at the future of the transport sector suggests there is a desire to ‘challenge the dogma inherent in the current system of decision making’ as transport professionals strive to adapt to changing times.

The report draws on insights gathered by engaging with industry representatives at 11 workshops over a 12-month period.

Produced by Professor Glenn Lyons, the report will act as a catalyst for further work by CIHT.

The report calls on the Transport Select Committee to hold an inquiry into the processes that inform and influence transport policy and investment in the face of deep uncertainty about the future.

Referring to current decision-making, the report criticises the regime-compliant pathway which it says suits politicians who need to project an air of confidence in the investment decisions being made.

The report adds that transport professionals do not necessarily believe in the approaches they follow but feel compelled to follow nevertheless.

The report also recommends that key organisations in the transport sector join forces to establish a leadership development programme that focuses on changing practices for changing times.

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