Title: Domestic Road Freight Statistics, United Kingdom 2015

Organisation: Department for Transport
Date uploaded: 6th September 2016
Date published/launched: August 2016

The amount of goods moved and distance travelled by HGVs increased in 2015 – but levels are still below those experienced before the recession in 2007.

Stats published by the DfT show the amount of goods moved in 2015 by GB-registered heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) operating in the UK increased year-on-year by 12% to 152bn tonne kilometres.

However, this figure is still 3% lower than the historic peak of 157bn tonne kilometres in 2007 before the UK economy went into recession; prior to the recession the level of goods moved had generally been increasing.

‘Goods moved’ is a measure of activity taking into account the weight of the load and distance through which it is hauled. It is equal to the weight of goods multiplied by distance, measured in tonne kilometres.

Over the same period (between 2014 and 2015) the amount of ‘goods lifted’ - the weight of goods carried measured in tonnes - increased by 11% to 1.65bn tonnes. This figure is still 10% lower than the 2007 peak of 1.82bn tonnes.

The distance travelled by HGVs in the UK increased year on year by 9% to 18.4bn vehicle kilometres in 2015.

The DfT says extreme winter weather experienced in 2013 and 2014 is likely to have contributed to dips in road freight activity in those years.

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