Title: The official DVSA guide to better driving

Organisation: Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)
Date uploaded: 11th November 2015
Date published/launched: October 2015

The DVSA has launched this book to help drivers understand how their attitude, mood, health and other human factors can affect the way they drive.

The book has been produced by the DVSA in partnership with Dr Lisa Dorn, a leading psychologist in the field of driver behaviour.

The book aims to help drivers develop their skills in driving situations which may be unfamiliar such as motorways, complicated junctions or driving in bad weather. It has advice on how to recognise risks, avoid distractions and overcome anxieties to help drivers become safer and more confident.

Dr Lisa Dorn said: “Many experienced drivers face challenges; from a lack of confidence on motorways, to how to adapt to new technology, such as driving whilst following instructions from a sat-nav.

“Despite these challenges, few drivers actually take the time to rectify them, which can cause anxiety and stress, and make driving an unpleasant experience.

“This book will help address these issues, encouraging drivers to self-reflect, giving concrete advice and helping them to gain more confidence in their driving abilities.”

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