Young drivers

Title: DriveStart

Organisation: Road Safety Analysis /Agilysis
Date uploaded: 29th November 2017
Date published/launched: January 2011

DriveStart, delivered by Road Safety Analysis (now Agilysis) on behalf of Safer Roads Berkshire, is a young driver programme which centres around a series of education days.

Rather than using ‘fear appeal’ in a bid to ‘scare them straight’, DriveStart deploys behavioural science in a bid to demonstrably improve perspectives on subjective norms, reduce behavioural willingness and increase self-reported vulnerability in participants.

DriveStart demonstrates how scientifically based and rigorously evaluated education programmes can have a measurable positive impact on the behavioural system of young drivers.

The programme, which has been developed over the past six years, is consistently refined in response to the growing evidence base concerning young driver attitudes and behaviour.

In November 2017 DriveStart was recognised with a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.

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