Title: Speed & Crash Risk: OECD's recommendations

Organisation: Travelwest
Date uploaded: 25th April 2018
Date published/launched: December 1999

This paper is one of a series of 'essential evidence' papers, produced by Dr Adrian Davis from the University of the West of England, which summarise key evidence from peer-reviewed literature. All of the summaries are published on a single page in order to better disseminate academic research to practitioners for implementation within planning and policy.

This paper summarises a report by the International Transport Forum of the Organisation for Economic and Cultural Development (OECD) titled 'Speed and Crash Risk'.

Dr Davis's top line summary is:
Excessive speed is a cause of deaths and injuries across all motorised societies. Through a Safe Systems approach to road safety, with lower speed limits, the evidence is that deaths & serious life-changing injuries can be reduced, while improving quality of life.

The report's four key recommendations were:
Set speed limits according to Safe System principles
Reduce the speed on roads as well as speed differences between vehicles
Improve infrastructure and enforcement if speed limits are to be increased
Use automatic speed control to reduce speed effectively

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