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Title: School Crossing Patrol emergency staff absence procedure

Organisation: Dorset County Council
Date uploaded: 15th July 2010
Date published/launched: Pre 2009

A new emergency out-of-hours phone procedure introduced by Dorset County Council's traffic safety team has mitigated the risks associated with short notice school crossing patrol absence.

The procedure has enabled the team to achieve a cover rate in excess of 99.5% across its 62 SCP sites.

Before the system was introduced, SCPs who were unable to attend their next duty were instructed to phone the traffic safety office during the working day. If they needed to report an absence out of hours they were instructed to phone their local police station but the police were very rarely able to cover sites, resulting in inevitable complaints from parents and the schools about no SCP being on duty.

With a comprehensive network of casual staff available to cover sites, it was clear that most absences could be covered and the associated risks avoided with a better procedure in place. This was the main reason behind the emergency phone number being made available to SCPs.

Since this emergency cover procedure was implemented, Dorset County Council has maintained an exceptionally high percentage cover rate for absences - a rate of 99.5% has been maintained for more than two years.

The emergency phone number is directed on alternate weeks to the two road safety officers (RSO) who manage the 83 staff. This requires both RSOs to be on call weekends and evenings.

The emergency number has become a hotline for most staffing matters and ensures that lone workers are able to speak to a senior manager at all times. It has also helped contribute towards improved communication between staff and managers.

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