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The Road Safety Observatory contains key facts and statistics about adult and child pedestrian casualties.

Most recent uploads

Safe Streets for walking (conference papers)
Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (19.12.18)

Policing's Road Safety Strategy for Devon, Cornwall, Torbay, Plymouth and the Isles of Scilly: 2018-2021
Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner, Devon & Cornwall (12.12.18)

Walking Action Plan: making London the world's most walkable city
Transport for London (16.08.18)

The Inclusive Transport Strategy: Achieving Equal Access for Disabled People
Department for Transport (14.08.18)

Inequalities in self-report road injury risk in Britain: A new analysis of National Travel Survey data, focusing on pedestrian injuries
University of Westminster (Transport Studies Group) (07.06.18)

Most read submissions

Walking, Cycling and Horse-Riding Assessment and Review (HD42/17 )
Highways England, Transport Scotland & Welsh Assembly Government

Pedestrian road casualties, 2015 (Wales)
Welsh Assembly Government/Road Safety Wales

London Road Safety Council Centenary Conference Papers
London Road Safety Council

Creating better streets: Inclusive and accessible places

Pedestrian Safety Action Plan (draft)
Transport for London


Christine Fitzgerald | Transport for London (child peds)
T: 020 3054 1058

Richard Hall | North Lincolnshire Council (child peds & WTS)
T: 01724 297346 

Richard Owen| Road Safety Analysis (statistics)

Jayne Phenton | Living Streets
T: 020 7377 4914