Older drivers

Title: Supporting Safe Driving into Old Age (older driver strategy)

Organisation: Older Drivers' Task Force & Road Safety Foundation
Date uploaded: 19th July 2016
Date published/launched: July 2016

This report recommends raising the mandatory ‘fitness to drive self-declaration’ for licence renewal age from 70 to 75 years, on condition that proof of an eye sight test is made compulsory.

These are two of seven key recommendations from the Older Driver Task Force in its report ‘Supporting Safe Driving into Old Age’, which sets out a national older driver strategy.

More than 25 experts and organisations in transport, health, policing, licensing, car manufacturing and insurance collaborated to produce the report, under the leadership of John Plowman, chairman of the Older Driver Task Force.

The Task Force analysed international evidence, available technology and road safety schemes before making its recommendations for government and other stakeholders.

The emphasis in the report is to help government and industry work together to ensure older drivers can stay on the road and enjoy independent lives for as long as it is safe to do so.

The report’s key recommendations are:

• Raising the automatic requirement for drivers to notify the DVLA at age 70 of any medical condition affecting driving to 75 - if the requirement for an eye sight test is made compulsory.
• Requiring the DVLA to get evidence of an eyesight test at licence renewal.
• Asking a consumer body to prepare specific advice on modern car safety features that are of special significance for older drivers – and consider ‘silver’ NCAP-style assessment.
• Improving road design, signs and markings to meet the highest international standards specifically to aid older drivers but bringing benefits for all drivers.
• Evaluating existing driving appraisal courses and improving information provided to older drivers, their families, and medical professionals.
• Piloting new products which offer an alternative to driving for older people.
• Pooling insurer data and research into major claims involving older drivers to understand the detailed causes.

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