Title: Ride It Right

Organisation: Right To Ride
Date uploaded: 22nd November 2010
Date published/launched: June 2009

Ride It Right is the only initiative in Northern Ireland that focuses specifically through a partnership of organisations that have the same common goal to reduce motorcycle casualties.

The purpose is to engage with motorcyclists in Northern Ireland by working with a variety of partners and stakeholders with the motorcycle community (individuals and motorcycle clubs) to promote responsible motorcycling in order to reduce motorcycle casualties, with a secondary effect of making other vehicle drivers motorcycle aware.

The website portal points riders to services such as Bikesafe, IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists), RoSPA and has sections on 'motorcycle' routes, maintenance tips, road safety motorcycle videos from across the globe. It also includes a links page for motorcycle related websites including other motorcycle safety initiatives and relevant information, and a news page.

The Ride It Right website also gives the opportunity for visitors to comment on various sections with a dedicated forum/guestbook that allows riders and others to air their views and give Ride It Right the opportunity to take on board comments to help deliver road safety advice.

The main focus of Ride It Right is to aim to address the attitude and behaviour of motorcyclists considered high risk takers - by hooking these “high risk takers” and “hard to reach riders” in order to change behaviour. It also sets out to provide information for younger motorcyclists about risk on the road and how to improve their skills.

Direct one-to-one contact with motorcyclists is fundamental to improving road safety. Direct dialogue with motorcyclists is the most important method of addressing behavioural issues.

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