Title: Breathtaking roads (motorcycle campaign - Scotland)

Organisation: Road Safety Scotland & Transport Scotland
Date uploaded: 24th July 2018
Date published/launched: July 2018

Scotland’s most iconic motorcycle routes play a starring role in a new campaign that aims to reduce deaths on the country’s roads this summer.

‘Epic’ coastal rides, ‘sweeping’ mountain journeys and ‘stunning’ forest trails all feature in the series of ‘Breathtaking Roads’ videos.

Using drones, the short films faeture three different biking routes, each one ending with the strapline: ‘Be aware on breathtaking roads. Don’t let them take your breath away for good’.

But as well as the ‘gorgeous’ scenery, the campaign focuses on improving everyday riding skills – rather than just highlighting dangers.

Running until the end of September 2018, the campaign has a strong social media presence, with viewers being directed to the Live Fast Die Old Facebook page, or the Don’t Risk It website.

The campaign is also supported by outdoor advertising at popular meet-up spots along the routes themselves, while local biking ambassadors and influencers are sharing the message.

Once the campaign has finished, independent evaluation will measure awareness, recall of best rider practices and claimed behaviour change. Social media engagement, click-through rates, Google analytics and Police Scotland incident statistics will also be used to measure its impact.

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