Title: Be a Better Biker (campaign)

Organisation: Highways England
Date uploaded: 25th July 2017
Date published/launched: June 2017

This month long campaign (mid-June to mid-July 2017) set out to provide experienced motorcyclists practical tips to improve their riding.

The campaign ran in south east England on the back of data showing that motorcyclist killed or seriously injured (KSI) casualties in the south east are higher in comparison to other regions.

The target audience for the campaign, which was co-branded with THINK!, was leisure riders, defined by Highways England as ‘those who are riding for pleasure on large bikes (500cc+) and are an older males (35-55 years)’.

These motorbike enthusiasts are described as a socially diverse group, with motorcycling likely to be the only thing the majority of the group have in common.

Research shows that May to August appears to be the peak time for performance motorbike related KSI collisions in the south east, with 44 of the 94 KSI casualties among performance bike riders in 2014 occurring during this four month period – the highest of any period.

The four-week campaign reminds leisure bikers of the key behaviours that contribute to KSIs in the south east: cornering, speeding, overtaking and fatigue.

The campaign assets are available free of charge for stakeholders to use and distribute. Resources include three videos and four posters featuring messaging on speeding, cornering, overtaking and fatigue.

All of the resources can be downloaded from the link below.

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