Title: Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT): an evaluation of CBT for the treatment of riding-related stress

Organisation: IAM & TRL
Date uploaded: 2nd September 2015
Date published/launched: March 2015

Motorcyclists continue to account for disproportionately more casualties than would be expected given the distance they travel. In 2014 motorcycle traffic increased by 3% on the previous year but the number of seriously injured casualties increased by 9% to 5,289, outstripping the increase in use.

This research centres on the potential impact of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for motorcyclists who may feel stressed on the UKs busy roads. It is well known that mental health can have a direct effect on your driving and riding and recognising trigger points for anxiety, stress and road rage is an important first step to doing something about it. CBT then offers workable solutions to calm people down and avoid conflicts.

This report shows some very positive early results and also gives some clear indicators of where further research may be beneficial.

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