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Title: THINK! 'PInk Kittens' mobile phone campaign

Organisation: Department for Transport
Date uploaded: 14th November 2017
Date published/launched: October 2017

This campaign - designed to deter young drivers from using their mobile phone at the wheel - includes a film shot in the style of a music video.

The campaign asks young drivers - who are less likely to consider mobile phone use a dangerous behaviour – to put their phone away by highlighting just what you miss when you glance at your phone.

THINK! says young drivers are three times more likely to use a hand-held mobile while driving, than those aged over 35 years.

The campaign video was directed by the duo ‘We Are From LA’, who created the music video for the Pharrell Williams' hit 'Happy', which has been viewed almost a billion times on YouTube.

The film uses vibrant colours and an ‘edgy’ soundtrack to engage the young audience in a bid to challenge the misconception that a quick glance at your phone won’t hurt.

THINK! says if a driver travelling at 30mph glances at their phone for just 2.3 seconds, they miss 100 feet of road – the length of a Boeing 737.

The four-week campaign is running in cinemas, online, radio and on social media.

The approach taken in this latest campaign is a break from the traditional hard-hitting THINK! campaigns. THINK! says the new approach is ‘proven to be more effective at influencing the target audience’ – those aged 17 to 34 years.

THINK! is urging Android smartphone users to download the Car Mode app - or in the case of an iPhone the drive safe mode - which automatically detects when a person is driving, and silences incoming calls and messages.

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