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Title: Good Egg Safety Child Car Seat Initiative Retailer Mystery Shopping 2017 - Key Findings

Organisation: Good Egg Safety
Date uploaded: 14th February 2018
Date published/launched: February 2018

More than nine out of 10 (93.2%) retailers checked by independent mystery shop researchers on behalf of Good Egg Safety, failed to ask all of the necessary questions to ensure children are fitted correctly and safely.

Of 146 stores checked, the results were as follows:
10 stores achieved 100% pass rate
27 stores achieved 81-90% pass rate
27 stores achieved 61-80% pass rate
15 stores achieved 51-60% pass rate
48 stores achieved 26-50% pass rate
13 stores achieved 25% or less pass rate
6 stores achieved 0% pass rate

Good Egg Safety says the data shows a 47% increase over the last eight years in the number of child car seats found to be incorrectly fitted.

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