Driver distraction

Title: Minimising In-Vehicle Distraction

Organisation: ETSC (European Transport Safety Council)
Date uploaded: 14th January 2011
Date published/launched: December 2010

This report offers employers advice on how to minimise distractions as vehicles become increasingly like 'moving offices'.

The report reveals that when employees are driving they are likely to receive or make phone calls, check text messages and even check emails. Driver distraction is thought to play a role in 20-30% of all road collisions.

This report provides employers an insight in how to minimise in-vehicle distractions, focusing on nomadic devices such as mobile phones.

It aims to provide a source of information and recommendations to employers based on a recently completed longer study on the regulatory situation in the European Member States.

Although the report focuses on the risks associated with nomadic devices, employers should also identify other risks to avoid, such as eating and drinking; changing radio or climate controls; personal grooming and checking maps.

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