Title: Safer Cycling Advocate Program Best Practice Guide

Organisation: FedEx Express, the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety and the European Cyclists Federation (ECF)
Date uploaded: 22nd January 2020
Date published/launched: January 2020

This guide has been published to support urban communities in their efforts to increase levels of cycling.

The Safer Cycling Advocate Program's Best Practice Guide aims to be a valuable source of information for organisations eager to create road conditions that will lead to greater numbers of cyclists.

The guide provides examples from two countries that have ‘successfully developed strong cycling cultures’ – the Netherlands and Denmark - and seeks to collate and advocate for the adoption of best practice measures regarding road user behaviour, infrastructure design, safe vehicles and the management of road infrastructure.

While non-exhaustive, a wide variety of topics are covered, representing the areas most relevant to policymakers, safety campaigners and anyone with an interest in improving road user safety.

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