Title: Cycle hubs, smart secure bike parking (short policy brief)

Organisation: London European Partnership for Transport (LEPT)
Date uploaded: 25th April 2019
Date published/launched: March 2019

Secure bike lockers at public transport stations have significant impacts on the increase of cycling (Taylor and Mahmassani, 1996).
Even if paid parking replaces free parking at stations, evidence shows that most current cyclists will continue to ride into a station providing free parking facilities are made available at circa 5mins walk, (Molin, Maat, 2015).
Willingness to pay for bicycle parking is low (Transport Research Board, Canada, 2014).
Cities where cycling rates are high provide detailed and online maps of their full cycling facilities, including parking (Pusher, Buehler, 2008).
More than 45% of London cyclists have been the victim of bike theft at least once (Quanteze, 2016).

Cycle hubs are secure spaces designed for bike upkeep and parking in mobility nodes (often train stations). Access is possible 24/7 and is provided to cyclists by being a member and paying an annual fee. The space can be closed, or the bicycle parking made secure.

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