Title: Annual Cycling Report 2017 (Scotland)

Organisation: Cycling Scotland
Date uploaded: 18th July 2017
Date published/launched: February 2017

This Annual Cycling Monitoring Report reports on a suite of national indicators to inform the national picture of cycling participation in Scotland, fullfilling Cycling Action Plan for Scotland (CAPS) Action 18.

The 2017 report shows an increase in those stating that a bike is their main mode of transport. This has increased from 0.8% in the period 2004-2007, to 1.2% in the period 2012-2015, representing a difference of 110m vehicle kilometres travelled.

Cycling to work remains popular, with 5.9% of people stating they cycle to work 'at least regularly'. In 15 of Scotland's 32 local authorities, the number cycling to work regularly is 5% or more, with Edinburgh City and Highland regions reaching 14.2%.

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